Well, I have been using Livpure Smart on rental. What I would say is that I have not seen many issues with water, but there are multiple issue with Livpure.

  1. If you face any issue with Livpure, and you want to get it resolved, take a blood pressure monitor with you before reaching out to customer care. The most pathetic service I personally have ever received, with dumbest set of customer care. So be ready to buy a water can too for a month or two if you face issue with customer service.
  2. The amount of water waste is more that 60%. So efficiency is also pretty less.
  3. If you can afford a purifier on no cost emi, that will be better in long term, instead of banging your head with these customer cares for no reason.

So I would not suggest to use it until you are really pissed with CAN service and don’t wanna buy a water purifier.

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