Drinking tap water is not an option these days. Everyone opts for purified water be it at home, office or any place outside the home.

For people living in their own homes, it’s easy to buy a water purifier and get it installed at their place, since its a one-time investment. But for people living in rented houses, people with relocating jobs, it is not easy to keep carrying the load of water purifier. So most of the public opts for plastic bottles, since its the most portable option. But have you ever noticed that the plastic bottle you buy has an expiry date? Moreover, once the packed bottle is opened, the water can not stay pure for more than 4-5 hours.

Now, you must be thinking how does water get expired in a packed bottle. No, it’s not the water that gets expired. It is the plastic that is supposed to maintain the shell life of water. The plastic can not sustain for more than 2 years, since its chemically treated when packed. Moreover once the bottle is opened, the water will start to contaminate because it required to be stored in a cold and dry place to maintain its purity.

So why not go for renting a water purifier and save yourself from the hassles of expiration of water. It not only saves the effort of buying bottles but also gives the benefits of similar to owning a water purifier. Let me take you to some of the most vital benefits of renting a Water purifier:

– It is a cheaper option than owning a purifier of your own since it will come with easy affordable monthly EMIs.

– It adds flexibility since you can try different purifiers first and then chose the final one for you. Plus you don’t need to worry about carrying it when relocating.

– Then it makes it so easy for you that you don’t have to wait for the daily delivery of water bottles.

– Plus you get the benefits of emergency services and other essential services from the supplier.

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