In India, many people depend on borewell water today because of the limited or no water supply from rivers and lakes. Almost every city is dependent on borewell water. People find borewell water very helpful resource because it meets your water need. This water is suitable for daily needs but is the borewell water safe to drink? It is the only concern. If you are completely dependent on borewell water, then it is very important to purify the water for drinking and cooking purpose. Borewell water is usually hard and contains many harmful impurities which must be removed before drinking to stay healthy. Keeping this in mind, it is necessary to use an RO, UV or UF water purifier for borewell water.

It is quite obvious that purified water is far better than borewell water because you don’t know the number of impurities present in the drinking water. Pure water keeps you and your family protected from many water-related diseases.

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